Friday, June 4, 2010

My Dream

My Dream

Last night when you
Came to bed I had the
Best dream I've ever had.
I mean this is kind of sad
But for me this was
Better than eating candy.

I was in high school again
And playing D&D at a friend's
House. Actually I had been
Waiting for the game to start
For a long time. All of a sudden
The DM came in the kitchen and
Told us we could start at
Sixth level. Sixth level! I would
Be starting with third level spells!
He warned us it was a gritty urban
Campaign so I shouldn't take any
Spells that were too flashy. I was
Already planning out what to take,
In my dream (probably fogs and gases,
Enchantment, confusion type spells).

I called my mom and dad and told them
I wouldn't be coming home till late.
All of a sudden I realized I was
Living at home and had no responsibilities,
Just a long, fun game to look forward to.

Anyway I wanted to tell you about this
Dream. Not to warn you I'm a huge nerd
Even in my imagination (which I think
You already knew) but so you know
What I felt like when you came to bed-
That feeling of holding you again
Was like the best kind of night
I've ever had. And best of all
It really happened.