Friday, March 19, 2010

Bridge Building

Bridge Building

We're building, plank by plank, a bridge
Into the water, hidden by the mists.
The future. Sweating, shaking, we're
Both scared, we glance at the cold
Black shock of the river flowing
So fast beneath us - not wanting to
Stare; not wanting to dare it to
Tear our work away again.

We never learned the trick of
High arches. We're not engineers.
We build far too close to the water.

Hand in hand we venture to the bridge's edge,
Each looks back at the other. I mention
Plans for Thanksgiving, Christmas.
Her eyes smile. We move out a little farther.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


From a Zelda's exercise - for some reason we used the phrase "There's Potency in Pairs."


We're bipolar, two-faced,
Hearts loose and knocking
Climbing tightropes
On either side, we
Balance; just


This was a phrase exercise from Zelda's. Original phrase: "It was so bright, I couldn't see it."


Does it wait like a frame
Without a picture
Hiding in future tenses -

Lying in tall grass by
The waterholes of your life,
Charging beautifully to
Meet you?

Does it hang, hunger-heavy
Like a humid day, clinging
To your shadow, following you
To the fields and back in the house?

When you sit down is it under your chair?

It is too bright to see,
Too loud to hear,
Too sharp to feel.

Tell Me

Tell Me

Distract me with burning kisses.

Lie to me with your heart and your eyes,
With your smooth skin and lips. I want
To inhale your lies with your breath.

Tell me the best lies. Smile and kiss
Me and say you like my snoring in the night.
Tell me you'll never tire of my nagging,
My careful planmaking, my frowns and half-sighs.
Say you love my froggy, choked voice in the morning.

Tell me I'll never be your furniture;
An end table, a coffee server.

When I cling to you in the night
I want to feel your heart beat fast in your wrists and neck
I want you to tremble like a dove.
I want to believe your soft, gentle hands.
I want you to write verses about me you have to
Lock tight in a black leather journal for no one else to see.

this hideous strength

Written after a Zelda's during a conversation. It's been a while so I'm not really sure when this was (I do know who, but that would be telling). The name is ripped off from a C.S. Lewis book no one will recognize.

this hideous strength

She has a hideous
Energy; I think
She wants for worshipers,
Towering woman with
The name of a goddess.
Blazing with self-confidence;
Underneath the empty hand grips.

Red and Green

Again I waited for the 'perfect time' to polish and post poetry, and of course I never got a chance to. Been more than a month since the last time I posted stuff. This is from the Metro Gallery (I wrote it in the dim light of a dance club).

red and green

red and green
red and green
disco beats in
crazy dreams
whirling circles
rising steam
blazing beams of
red and green,
red and green