Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Call Me

Call Me

Give me a call.
Or don't.
No big deal, you know.
I don't keep track
of who called who last.

I called you a few
Days ago, not that
That matters, you
Know, not that
I care, I don't.
I just don't want
To be the last one
Who called again,
Which I guess
I am, but
you know,
who's keeping track?

I wanted to ask
if you were busy
Or, I mean, I
know you're busy,
So am I. I've got
These things to do
And you've got work
And school, we're both
So busy, really, really
Busy. Yeah.
Maybe you might
want to hang out
again like last
weekend. Or you
know, go see a
Show, a movie, ah
It doesn't matter.

Just call me when
you get a chance, or
I'll call you, maybe,
In a few days, no
Point in waiting
By the phone,
I'm not waiting-
I'm busy, that's all,
I have a schedule.
So I don't have
Time to wait for
Calls, that's all,
And if I'm up
Late, I'm not
Waiting for
Anything, you know,
To happen, no.
It's pure coincidence
I'm waiting
By the phone.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Three Smart Mice

We had to work with phrases again. Today's phrase was "Three smart mice woke me up this morning."

three smart mice

three smart mice
woke me up
this morning.

little voices
creeping in
my ears, merged
with my thoughts,
around my
guilts and doubts,
stole my motives,
purloined my
urgent reasons.

today I will
read, half-dazed,
eat apple cake
(with lots of
crumbs), wander
in a haze-

today I will
live simply
in a warm
room, feet up,
sleep early,
dream of
careless love.

Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina

I know we
Can't be together
I just wanted the cards
To tell me we could.
Was that wrong?

Four Emotions

We had to pick emotions off a list and describe their physical manifestations.


The old oak tree at the cliff-edge-
From a distance your limbs are gnarled
Stumps barely rising from the earth-
From beneath your old roots hold
Up the cliff and the precipice.


Vehicular Rebirth

Driving nine hours south
The rhythm of passing and
Watching the road follows
The beat of your heart,
Your hands are the wheels,
Your eyes are lights.
When you stop
You learn to walk again
The pain from knees and neck
Makes you gasp and shout aloud.



I've cut one nail too deep.
Seeking the truth, the whole you,
Asked and answered now,
And because I want to be consistent
In my life and love
I have to clip them all the same.



Two hours later than I wanted to be
I missed my left and couldn't park twice.
When I came in
You hugged and kissed
Me. You had
Done the dishes,
I could have

"late August afternoon"

The quote I had to use was "a languid rainy late August afternoon."

"late August afternoon"

An angel passed,
Languidly lulling sleepers with blessings
Raining love liquid, distantly,
Late for it's
August appointments
This afternoon.
Afternoon lovers looked up
August-warm wondering
In the dark-sullen late
If the gentle touch on their skin was rain
Or the languid breeze
Of an angel passing.

Dear Diary

I haven't had a lot of creative energy to spare lately, I guess. I've been writing poetry but it didn't seem good enough to edit and post. But I wrote one I kinda like today so I'm going to get caught up on my backlog now.