Monday, December 7, 2009


Usually I don't find it necessary to make excuses for my poetry, but seriously I have had a run recently of very sappy poetry and I'd like to apologize for it. If it makes you feel any better it starts out mean.


Love is a four letter bridge
To the mist-shrouded home
Of fools and old men
Speaking Hollywood
Languages of cotton candy.

Love is the flimsiest excuse
For abuse I've ever heard.
Love is a chafing ankle-chain,
The most beautiful lie you'll ever
Celebrate saying, Love is
Pain and a commitment to loneliness.

Love is a spiked bat
With two handles.

Love will tangle up
Your arms and legs as
You drown in shallow water.


There is a word for when
We're close together,
For my lust for the
Salt in your lips. For
The feeling when we
Wake up smelling each other.
For the delicious
Hollow of your throat,
For the murmurs as I
Kiss and touch you. And it
Is not caring and less -
Though it hurts me when you are hurt -
And it is more than
A wild abandon in flesh. It is two
People learning to trust
Again, coming to a place where
Only two live. There is
A word for this world
That defies my halting
Tongue to say "love."

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