Monday, December 10, 2012

Alphabet Blocks

Alphabet Blocks

They gave us a little girl named Samantha,
A perfect Asian girl with hair in braids
Who said she was six at the slate.
Playing with blocks, the three of us searched for the 'S'
Block. I asked, "What's your favorite bug?" but quit,
After a while, realizing this six-year-old was probably
Well beyond such questions. Finally she found the block.
"Spiders!" she said. "I was wondering..." she didn't know
What animal her name was going to be. "I'm not afraid
Of spiders," she said. "Or snakes. Once I held two
Snakes." "What color were they?" You asked. "Were
They black?" I asked. But the blocks were all piled up
On top of each other, two stacks next to each other, the
Third on its own - our time was done.

Scott said it was a skyscraper.
"Modern art," I said.

Before we stood to leave, the little girl carefully picked up
The block between the lone tower and the two towers, and
Moved it to one of the others.
We packed our bags carefully, next to each other, picking
Our cell phones and wallets out, becoming ourselves again,
I said "Drive safe." You said, "You too."

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