Thursday, February 28, 2008

Play Forumwarz

OK. We have all had this idea. As Warren Specter said in a recent 1Up podcast, "Ideas are cheap."
So I can't very well complain that I have design documents and a forum set up for my game, "Flame Wars," which would have allowed gamers to flame each other and then rate, at the end of the week, the best / worst poster. This is an idea anyone in the last ten years could have had... but now that Robin "Evil Trout" Ward, Mike "Jalapeno Bootyhole" Drach, and Jason "The Other Other Hole" Kogan have realized it in Forumwarz, nobody else can create it and pretend to be original.
That's okay with me.

I understand when MIT comes up with its working death ray powered by cold fusion, I might as well burn all my nonworking plans for said death ray. I didn't have a working prototype, so I can just shut up and sit outside.

OK, angst aside, this is a really great game and everyone should play it. Go to the link in my first paragraph and get playing right away - if you read one of the newspaper articles about the game, they mention one of the innovative ideas there is you can start without having to log in. This is a great, inclusive idea - I'll spare you the rant for today on why newspapers shouldn't have protected content. Suffice it to say the fewer roadblocks the better.

Anyhow imagine an RPG where you meet the internet memes you know and love, and get to destroy them utterly. I have more complete thoughts on this game I'd like to post, but I've already gone on too long and I don't want to turn new players away. Think of this as the preview, and since buying the game involves spending a few minutes of your time (obviously abundant if you're still reading this drivel) then I have no shame in recommending your purchase.

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