Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sometimes the Bandwagon is Full for a Reason

Found out yesterday, but I was in bed with a cold. Gary Gygax is dead. Not much more to say on that note...
I posted the "Empty Chair Eulogy" on RockPaperShotgun yesterday for him.
Vic Davis on Forgotten Lore has a better quote:

May You Always Make Your Saving Throw
March 4th, 2008

May your blade be Vorpal
May your foes taste your cold steel with a natural 20
May you never roll a critical miss
May your Cheetos never touch the basement floor
May you always roll for treasure type Z
May you fare well Against the Giants
May you survive the Descent, Conquer the Kuo-Toa,
Vault over the houses of the Drow
And Slay the Queen of the Demon Web Pits

Well, if you get all those references you pretty much understand Gary Gygax's contributions to gaming. Anyhow, it's a pity more people don't talk about Dave Arneson's contributions to the game - seeing as how he is listed as having co-created D&D. Hopefully he gets some recognition before his time runs out.

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