Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Die, You Maggot!

The Zelda's exercise was random sentences from random nouns and verbs. This is dedicated to Mike Monroe because of the first sentence (which recalls a lot of his work). Also I think the title is cribbed from Jodie or Suzanne.

Die, You Maggot!

Guitars breathe through this wreck of a city,
Shouting our elbows rub out smiling sentences in the margins.

Riding men, riding women, the fire follows love igniting the trash-strewn street.
Urinating gasoline, I turn the floor to ice and diamonds.

Swinging glass hangs in shards, reflecting us in detail.
Ice cooks in your gaze.

The chair wakes as I pass, the table dances.
My song is blood through icy gasps,
Ripped fabric fluttering,
Screeching violins in chalkboard chorus.

I'm shedding monstrous visions that infect the atmosphere-
tiny horror-waves climbing into ear canals and optic nerves-
Soon you will breathe the pulse of my madness

And I will sing of cockroaches
Crawling on the edge of the planet
Breathing through their glossy black carapaces,

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