Sunday, August 16, 2009

Green Places

Zelda's exercise tonight: something about green places, or the most frightened you've ever been, or I don't know, a whole host of other things. Anyway so I went with 'green places' because I remembered this image.

Green Places

At altitudes you find
Suprises; there was a burned copse of
Trees we hiked around, a swath of
Ash, juniper skeletons poking through
Like dead men's fingers, and then
Around the corner we saw
A tiny patch of wildflower strewn
Meadow, soft green and gold penned in
By granite, the most vibrant shades
Rembrandt could never paint
In the autumn-crisp air
And I knew I could never own a
Camera, never capture this,
But always would have the
Afterimage when I think of
Climbing high into the mountains.

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