Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Call Me

Call Me

Give me a call.
Or don't.
No big deal, you know.
I don't keep track
of who called who last.

I called you a few
Days ago, not that
That matters, you
Know, not that
I care, I don't.
I just don't want
To be the last one
Who called again,
Which I guess
I am, but
you know,
who's keeping track?

I wanted to ask
if you were busy
Or, I mean, I
know you're busy,
So am I. I've got
These things to do
And you've got work
And school, we're both
So busy, really, really
Busy. Yeah.
Maybe you might
want to hang out
again like last
weekend. Or you
know, go see a
Show, a movie, ah
It doesn't matter.

Just call me when
you get a chance, or
I'll call you, maybe,
In a few days, no
Point in waiting
By the phone,
I'm not waiting-
I'm busy, that's all,
I have a schedule.
So I don't have
Time to wait for
Calls, that's all,
And if I'm up
Late, I'm not
Waiting for
Anything, you know,
To happen, no.
It's pure coincidence
I'm waiting
By the phone.

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