Sunday, November 8, 2009

My Love / Dead Alive

Two poems here. Glad to say neither is the self-indulgent bs I've been doing. Normally I do one poem per post but neither is really worth putting in its own post.

First one I wrote at Spellbound (goth club) Sat night.

Second one I wrote from a Zelda's Inferno prompt - write a letter to someone in one of your favorite movies.


You've never done me
Wrong. Smile at me
One more time. Love
Me as I love you.
You're always there
For me, waiting
In my mirror.


To the Protagonist of 'Dead Alive'

One night soon you'll realize
Your mother's love was never love,
her greedy ownership will grow
And grow until it swallows
Anything you felt for her before.
Cleaning her house is not
A healthy thing for a young man to do;
Get out, get out soon.
Oh by the way,
She - not you - killed your father -
Just thought I'd
Throw that in there.
Get out, get out of that house.
Ask the girl from the grocery store out.
But wherever you decide to go-
Avoid the zoo.

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