Monday, November 16, 2009

"You will be ok - I swear it"

Zelda's exercise for the evening: Quotes from the women's restroom in the Daily Grind. This is the quote I got.

"You will be ok - I swear it"

You will be protected from Baltimore
Rats. You will never be sad.

You will love your mistakes.
Your family will stay
Out of hospitals. Your husband
Will crawl back in his hole.

Your friends will be normal.
Life will be simple,
And full of little pleasures.
You will go out to see shows,
And forget yourself in time.
You will be happy on your own. You
Will never feel lonely. This will
Happen to you soon.

We will be honest with
Our fear.
I'll never try to
Hurt or cause you pain.
You will be ok -
I swear.

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