Saturday, August 14, 2010



Massaging my grandfather's head
With a damp hand towel, I think how easy this is,
A moment under the sink, pop it into the microwave,
Hey presto, perfect for warming your skull,
Pushing heat into your forehead, relieving
Some pain (but not all) of your migraine.
Gently I move it around; he says "So good, so good."

Is that really all it takes?
Could I have solved everything that way?

My ex-wife's migraines were so
Bad she'd claw at her eyes, put pencils in the sockets,
Scream at anyone nearby, cry, attack the furniture,
Cause fights, break up plates, bite.
What if I had tried dampened, warm towels, would that
Have made it right? Nine years of marriage, and
That I never tried?

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