Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ramón and I

Ramón and I

I dreamed you were taller and your hair
Fell in golden rings around your shoulders.
You told me about the man you were meeting
Later, the man you love, and I was angry,
I said, "Wait, but what about me..."

I dreamed I lived in a house with people whose names
Kept changing. I told them I was Ramón
So I could put his suits on. They sent me to his
Meeting at eleven but at the last second
I said, "Wait, I can't go. I'm not Ramón."

A giant dinosaur head looked through
Your blinds, and I was so scared I woke up
And told you my dreams. Of course I couldn't explain
What was so straight in my mind.

Of course my dreams make no sense. The details
I know stand alone, the setting and plot
Still need to be worked out. I don't even
Know what to call it, I need help for that.

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