Monday, April 13, 2009

Exercises from Lines

I drew most of my 'starting lines' for these exercises from Jack Kirby's Challengers of the Unknown.


Introducing: The Unknown!

We can't expect the unknown to
Walk in and introduce itself.
Pick up an easy chair, adjust it
At a comfortable angle,
Sit down, settle in to stay a while;
The unknown likes to search around the doors a bit,
Scratch at the hinges, sniff around
The windowpane, and generally be a nuisance.

It's waiting for you to go out
And look for what the hell is
Making that sound.
Then it will pounce-

And god help you if it isn't
Your aunt Harriet
Wearing her favorite hat,
The one you always feel forced to compliment,
Because you know she sees you
Staring at it;
You're in now for another
Dreadful visit.

Meanwhile the unknown lurks around the corner,
Waiting for the next unfortunate hour
You're listening to the creep of sounds
Outside, the rhythm seems wrong,
A gut feeling makes you get up and look;
Hide in your bed instead;
The news is never good.


Jumping Jupiter!

Caroming down the stairs
Playfully he whirls
Around the grand piano
Twirls the table
Flings the glasses over the balcony
Full of juvenile excitement!
"Oh, to be a young planet
Giddy with life again,"
Saturn sitting on his dais
Is heard to grimly frown.

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