Friday, April 3, 2009

Random Words

Last Sunday's writing exercise at Zelda's Inferno. I forgot to post it till now.

Words: "shoot, punctuate, plot, essence, extort, grow, masticate, smother"
Entertaining story: I was outside thinking about what to write when I met two white men in their sixties, one wearing a camo hat and jacket. The one in the camo hat and jacket was silent; the other one asked me for money so he could buy his friend coffee. He said coffee was a bad thing for a drunk person, but his friend wanted it anyway, so he was going to try to get it for him. Occasionally he would talk to his friend in the camo jacket and the guy in the camo jacket would curse him out in a low voice.

I love you; you're my brother
And we've been
Deep in the gutter together;
But you're punctuating silence with silence,
Growing in the dark.
I'm smothered by what I need to say,
The rushing sound rolls around in my head.
I can't cough it up; it's stuck in my throat.
I wish I could grab one end of the problem,
Pull my guts out of my mouth until I spew multicolored threads,
Heaving up us as if it were a magician's trick.
But I can't pull against myself, and you're still
Sitting there as if the apocalypse will come
Any minute and you want to be well rested.

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