Sunday, June 14, 2009

Reporting from the Front Lines

Reporting from the Front Lines

My rational mind is reporting tonight
From the front lines of a dangerous crush.

There's no hope for our government troops.
The streets have turned red with partisans
In berets and sashes. They're dancing and
Singing. Anyhow we don't know who to shoot.

And above the fray my right brain
Is watching it all go down, talking calmly
To the folks at home, recording our
Foolishness for posterity.

"There's an inevitability in the air,"
He says, "Rebels have taken the capital.
Fascists are retreating in the face
Of resistance from ordinary citizens."

Looking down from his hotel room,
he thinks it's like a car
Tipping over a cliff,
All he can do is watch.

"Like falling in love" he writes home.
These days he finds himself adding
That phrase, like punctuation,
Into all his correspondence.

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