Sunday, January 25, 2009

500 damn poems on the same damn subject

OK, so here are a lot of poems on the same subject. And yeah, they need serious work.
But I have to get them up now, they're not going to work on themselves.

Not me, it's you
Not you, it's me
I'm just not ready
Being selfish
All my energy
Focused on me these days
I like you a lot really
But I can't,
Think about,
The closeness that
To you is second nature
I have to keep
Needing to keep
Not you, it's me.


That day you loved the asparagus-
It was so sweet and sour,
But now I see it was the vinegar
It had absorbed
For that moment I loved it too
I tried to remember
I don't like it, don't care
For it, the taste, the texture
But right then, in the vinegar
I liked it, loved it.
I would never have tasted it
But for you; but then I tried it
And fell into liking it with you.
For that moment I loved it
And kept on consuming it;

There is a giant green tree in the forest
Its roots are deep, its bark is green
And so soft, and you can rip the leaves right off
And they taste like

I'm pissing my days away
And it smells so rich and strange
Don't want to hurt you
But it happened right away
That moment I tasted it


Knocking on doors
Down the street,
You answered, we talked
We made plans for the evening
And all the time I knew
I'd keep on knocking;
I like to see the doors,
Like to feel them
Knocking and waiting for answers
And talking, peeking
Just inside; I like the furniture
But I'm not staying;
I'll keep on knocking.

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