Sunday, January 11, 2009

Something a little more complicated I'm still working on

This is probably the most complicated thing I've done for a while. Still a work in process. Edited last 1/16/09


I've been crawling along, I guess.
And everybody's got advice:
They say to
Move more, eat less
Smile more, be less
Smile more, see less
Hold on, break less
Hide the flop sweat,
Grin till your teeth clench
Tight on your breath.
Don't call every day,
Don't look that way,
Don't be desperate
To grab hands, get numbers,
Make friends, make plans,
Be strong, learn how to live on your own.
Don't try so hard, you'll get over this.
I can barely see where I'll be when I get over this.
Light and happy, windblown, fancy free, made of gauzy transparency
Rising up and over my mortal locality
Covering all with calm geniality, smiling, inflating,
Rising and shading man woman and child with slight filmy webbing,
Rising; expanding over the moon, rising and growing,
Expanding to cover the planets, the sun;
Expanding to fill the spiral arm.
Moving over the galaxy, until I'm a dim sheen over all that man has seen and will see
And I'll be so large then, baby, you'll pass through me. So large and so gentle
You'll pass right through me and I won't feel a thing
I won't feel a tremor or wave or particle or anything
Not the smallest damn particle of feeling. I'll keep on moving, you'll keep on passing
Lately I guess that's where I'm crawling.

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