Friday, January 23, 2009

brief updates

writing has slacked off a bit lately. Focusing on work and other things...

I wrote something the other day, after it snowed a bit.
Looking in your window across the
street and saw your back walking
away. It was beautiful.
The snow was beautiful where we shoveled it
The cars on the street were freshly scraped
Nothing was new but everything glittered a little
Not sure if that's going anywhere.

OK, here's some more random disorganized thoughts.

Sometimes the minutes fly;
Tonight they go by slowly, watching me for signs.
I wander to the shop and order coffee.
I pretend to read; but I'm watching people carefully,
Pretending I can guess the stories of their lives,
Drinking coffee, talking to the counter man.
"Business is slow." Not much else to say.
We live in a slow time now, watching each other,
Wondering whether the slow slide down river has tipped on its side,
Not thinking yet about where to stand, how not to get wet.
Sometimes I fantasize about working from home a different way.
I could sell drugs from my porch, all day
People would come and go,
And they would come back when they realized
It was oregano.

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