Sunday, January 18, 2009

a minor comment

I woke up today and I wanted things to be different.
It was almost ten and I wanted the clock to use totally different numbers,
So I would have to think a little bit each time I thought about those numbers.
I didn't want it to be ten anymore, I wanted it to be an alien number I would
Have to think about every time I told the time.
I look at the time these days and I know exactly how long it takes me to do all the things
That I do in the day and I think, "Man, how dull it is to know exactly how long it takes to do these things!"
"How awesome would it be to wonder how long it takes to work out, take a shower, eat something."
How long would it take? A googol? Two multiplexes? Three severiams? Four eeyores?
Stuff would happen and I would always wonder what would happen next and I guess life would be a little more interesting.
Instead of this life where I know what will happen today.

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