Saturday, February 7, 2009

A couple more to do

I wrote this one up last night, kinda cheesy I guess. Well got to get it out anyway.

Nothing like the night in a strange house
To make your mind turn in circles;
Nothing like the night to clarify
Your thoughts, your life
Nothing like the night to see
Where you are and have been
Nothing like the night
For feeling pain.
Tomorrow I can wake and say
"Here's a new day
Here's a sun rise"
But in the night I see the mirror
In the empty dark, in the strange house
Nothing but chill air against my skin;
Nothing like travel to see again.

Hey, this one's actually positive, so there. Take that!

For J and G

You were drunk, I was driving
Singing with the radio
Offhand I said I'm done with music
And you said together, "no
What a shame to lose your voice."
I dropped the subject, reached the store
And as it does the night went on
And we never heard that song
Again; but when time's dust sifts
Into my throat, numbness grips,
I cling so gently to the thought
That two good friends once loved my voice.

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