Tuesday, February 24, 2009

get it off the front page

So now I need to post some more poetry to get some of my worse stuff off the front page. Although I'm not too proud of this either.

I slept a while, and dreamed
Of all the girls that rejected me
And in a while they showed the same
Face; or looked at me the same way,
The face was your face, of course.
And knowing meant nothing to me;
And tears would have said nothing,
Truth was useless and already on the table,
Words choked me in any case,
Words were too large for my mouth,
I couldn't work my way around them;
You looked away politely. Thank you.



You think I go outside to satisfy my secret need;
In fact, I'm bored. It's this or read.
Tonight I'm in a walking mood;
I'll scan faces, store fronts, cars, listen to conversations,
Anything that's rude.
Anything that intrudes on others, if my gaze intrudes,
If my speculation bothers them
It's the only consolation to me now
To think I have that secret knowledge about my fellows,
About you for example, while I went out. What did you do?

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