Monday, February 16, 2009

some quick poems

I had a couple ideas about one-act plays I might want to write. But I'm letting them simmer for now.

We had a new exercise this Sunday; write on a random subject for 5 min. only. So I ended up with a lot of crummy poems. My apologies if these repeat existing themes, so on.

"the radius of movement"

turning my cup a degree towards you,
I seek to precisely define
the arc of our relationship;
To measure the feeling
In our eyes with calipers and compass,
Tracking our paths,
Forces balanced in separate equilibria,
Rolling in our planes, we dance.

"his direct contribution"

I could attempt to calculate
His direct contribution
to my dissolution;
His assistance in my depression
Or resistance, resilience
In the face of circumstance.
In some celestial arcology
On a delicate abacus
The beads slide appropriately
As I affect him, he affects me
And in the mind of Judgement
Our precise relationship
Is understood to nth degree;
We cannot choose friends, only enemies.

"tumble washed for exceptional softness"

Tumble washed for exceptional
Softness, steel toed, pre-stained,
Broken in boots, made of
Flexible plastic, breakaway
Glass, blue-jean fabric,
Essential technology for the
Modern age; Hardened circuitry;
Environmentally sensitive
Reused, refurbished, ready to wear;
Purchases guaranteed for nearly a year.

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