Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Too damn tired

I seriously have pages and pages of poetry I need to get up here. And I'm putting it off because as usual, some are personal. And some need more work. But anyway, I have a good excuse now because it's late and I have work tomorrow, of course.

But let's have some quotes first:
"I have an issue with treating people like machines. Because I've seen 'The Terminator'" (John Higgins)
"You have to shake it first, 'honey bunny'" (Melissa Carraway; imagine this said in a sarcastic voice)
"Doing nine to five in the crazy clown jail" (Mike Monroe; but Steve suggested this is an old saying of some kind)

OK, so here's song lyrics again. To give me the illusion of having accomplished something. Although I know I'll never get this into a decent melody anytime soon.

Nothing to do, to look forward to,
Whistling a tune, a lonely tune,
Go out to shows, drinking all night,
Numbing my mind till I feel alright, all right
Verse 1
Get up early walk the dog and go to work
Somewhere deep in the belly's where it hurts
Somewhere behind my head it hovers
Over my shoulder, passing back and forth
Verse 2
Sitting at work, not at work
Focus so tight, so tight it hurts
Clench my teeth, bite down on the pain
Inside, don't let it out, see it again
Verse 3
Home again I'm drinking, hold the nothing
In, get dizzy pacing, looking in corners
Go around, around, around, not satisfied
By what I said, you said, I lied, you lied

Hey actually I'm going to hide a poem down here where no one will see it.

White Pines
Your life is the white pines of your development, careful cultivation,
And when I'm on your porch I watch the turning star with its many faces -
Happy homemaker, your ramekin fell from a high shelf today; broke in three pieces,
I picked them up and took them home with me.

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