Thursday, March 26, 2009

So much energy (part II)

You're the scent of the
First cigarette in the pack -
Watching you walk, tasting musky
Smoke curl around my tongue -
You stretch like a cat.
I am undone.


Stage Rehearsal

We're a line off today, all out of order.
Stage left's swapped with right - all the action's
Backwards now so we're facing the door.
Exit center left. Walking into the audience,
Applauding for them - they think it's too much.
After some business - you died so prettily -
I finally remembered to put in the knife.
Before we knew it the play'd begun with all our entrances -
Well, that's how it's supposed to go in dress!
But now I'm pacing back and forth trying
To forget my lines. I'm worried 'bout auditions -
What were we doing again?
I hope this time
I make it in.


My roommate's cat

He has lymphoma - cancer in his gut.
And he can feel it - crying around the house.
Coming to me, squalling, looking for
Help and all I can think is -
You poor dumb bastard, covered with sores,
What the hell did you ever do
To deserve having me taking care of you.

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