Sunday, March 15, 2009

Barstool Poetry

Some random crap I've written on barstools around Baltimore.

It was a night for promises.
We knew someday beer, salsa, and even chips would arrive, or so we hoped.

Doing what's natural,
Drinking as normal,
Walking from bar to bar-

Ok, a couple of real poems. But they were both written in bars so they count as barstool poetry.

I'm joining a new forum and I want to be a popular guy like everybody else on this forum

I need another name
That's not my real name
I'll find a new name
To show the real me
So they all know me
And they'll refresh me
And they will want to see
What I am saying
I'll have so many friends
They will be endless
And they'll all know me
They'll know my real name

This next poem is totally Suzanne X's fault because she showed me something and said "Wow somebody should write a poem about this," and then I did. And now everybody hears this poem and they say "Wow, that's really sad / depressing." And I just want to say, "Yes, but it's all Suzanne's fault and I bear no responsibility whatsoever."

Poem for a dead ant in a candle

Drowning in hot wax
I inhale your love
The hot lava of your smile
Is burning my lungs
My stomach is full of fire
The wax covers my eyes
I'll stare at you forever.

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