Monday, March 16, 2009

Meditation on Selfishness

Well, so I was having a conversation with someone yesterday and I was thinking about it today, during a meeting. So it turned into this, whatever this is. Definitely a change of pace from my usual stuff.

Meditation on Selfishness

Today you wanted to know - why am I concerned,
Why do I care, in my own words,
About "too many people." Why do I ask
"How are you? How are you doing?" when I know
You're not doing that well, it's been rough going.
Why do I ask about your father, brother, sister,
Cat, dog, mother, grandfather, goldfish.
I'm reaching out - it's not altruistic -
I've had some losses lately, not sure if you remember,
I lost a cat, my grandmother, a marriage
And all the things I had invested in it -
A home, some pets, some thoughts about myself,
A woman I loved ten years ago. I maintain
She left me long before I knew. But I
Digress. Why am I here, why am I bothering you?
I'm looking for attachments, tossing ropes as they rush past,
Drifting along in my little boat, trying
To hold on, find something, someone to care about.
And so my friend, I need to help you if I can.
If I spare you pain I help myself; what I do
Helps myself more than it helps you. I'm selfish that way,
Redeeming myself a bit each day, some part of myself,
Proving there are people worth caring about.

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