Thursday, March 26, 2009

Lots of energy today

I've had a lot of energy today and yesterday. Getting caught up on a lot of things - this blog among them.
I've written a lot of poetry lately but didn't get a chance to polish it up / post it.
So I may actually end up needing to break up this entry.

At the Reading

Yeah, I went to the goddamned reading.
I'm telling you I was there. You didn't see me.
Well no wonder. The place was packed. I mean
There were a lot of goddamned people there.
All over the damned chairs - I ended up
Squinched up on the floor, one leg on another,
In the goddamn corner. I was looking at one guy's
Ass the whole performance. And it was not a great
Ass you know, it was not an ass I would pay to
See. I never knew there were so many damned white
Writers in Hampden, much less Baltimore. I mean
They were all white and most of them had glasses.
It reminded me of Avniel (the whitest Indian you'll ever
Meet) who said he was scared to walk around in Hampden
After dark. I think these were the people he was
Afraid of. And they sat so goddamn quiet. Like they
Were watching an old man try to stand up after
Sitting in the corner. One leg at a time.
Like they were watching the dead
Get up and goddamn say the Lord's Prayer.
That goddamn quiet. Well I got up at the
Break - I was ready to say the Prayer myself -
And limped out of there. I'm not sure they moved.
I tell you what, go back and check. They may still be
Packed in there. Tell you what I hope they are.


Playing Craps

I'm laughing, see, cause I like you.
I like everybody, but I'm playing with you.
We've got a great game here, kid. Don't screw it up for us.
We're all playing. Can you keep it in the game?
Can you keep on smiling when you lose your shirt?
Keep your goddamned sense of humor if you can.
Are you laughing yet?

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